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Seamless Start-up

Signal is the first-ever contact management system that requires no manual input. It automatically imports your calls and text messages
(don’t worry, we’re not spying or selling).


Keep Current with
Your Network

Signal’s artificial intelligence analyzes your natural communication patterns and prioritizes who you should connect with first each day.


Smart Relationship Stats

The relationship dashboard offers an overview of the health of your relationship with a contact, as well as helpful information about previous communication.


Considerate Nudges

Helpful notifications proactively remind you to follow through on connection.

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Meet Your Goals

Tell the AI exactly how you want your connection to strengthen. Adjust your communication rhythm with the Frequency Setting.


No network overwhelm.
No manual entry.
No missed connections.


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App Integration

Connect Signal with your emails and other messaging apps so it can keep a pulse on all modes of communication.


Question Finder

Signal processes your past communication and lets you know when there are unresolved conversations and questions you need to answer.